Saturday, November 11, 2000

Do you think I am fat?

I will be glad if you give honest answers but please do not be rude as I am quite self conscious about my weight.
Truth is that a year ago I was anorexic, no one knew, but my parents were suspicious because I used to consume 300 calories a day.Anyway, then 4 months ago I changed,because I finally realised what I was doing to myself and started eating normally again. Of course, I gained a few kilograms. I am currently 54kg and am about 155cm tall.Although I mostly like my body all of my relatives-people who know me, they say I've gained a few pounds and am fat. This really makes me feel bad about myself because I am not unhappy with my body right now, but these comments really make me believe that it is true.I can eat anything I want and can eat sweets, 3 meals a day and I am sure that if I start dieting it will only mean going back to my anorexic diet, which I don't want to go back to. However, according to the BMI table I am healthy/normal.
So, do you think I am fat?

Answer on Do you think I am fat?

you are not fat. your relatives or whoever are sayin that. are only saying this because they are used to seeing you skinny/anerexic. don't worry about it. get back on to a normal eating track and diet ! don't let what people say bother u !