Thursday, September 7, 2000

Is it okay to ask a guy this....?

Okay so I've known this guy for like 3 months now and I can't tell if he likes me or not. I have a pretty good feeling he does. I keep getting hurt though when he doesn't pay attention to me sometimes and I'm sick of it. So I'm going to ask him what he thinks of me over facebook chat.

I never get a chance to actually talk to him in person so would it be okay to like have a normal convo and then be like... "hey uh can i ask you something?" and he'd be like "okay" and i'd be like "what do you think of me?" and then he would say what he thought. I think this is a good idea because it's like a general question...and it could lead to him saying so much. If something goes wrong and he feels awkward I could just be like "oh i meant as a am i a good friend or not?" or something.

And if he says, you're my friend and I find he doesn't like me back, I know I'll get hurt but I get hurt a lot from hi anyways so it'd finally be over and we can just be friends.

Is this a good idea or will it push him away?

Answer on Is it okay to ask a guy this....?

it might just depend on the guy. i personally think that if it is over FB or chat then it will give the guy some time to work out his feelings for you rather than being put on the spot and answering impulsively. But thats just me.