Friday, September 1, 2000

How do i build a bigger fan base for my band?

Okay, so im a drummer in a band and i handle all the promotion side of things, Im no expert at it though, so i'm asking for advice.

At the moment, ever gig we have we only have about 10 fans show up, and they are regular, Eg: Friends, family members.

This is what we are doing at the moment:
We have a website,
A facebook.
a Myspace.
a twitter.
A mailing list
A 9 track EP which is available free on our website.

the only problem is it doesn't seem like we are building any new fans?

could any one give advice and tell me what we could do to promote ourself more and get people listening to our music?

if you want to know who my band is, we are ' New Interest ' Our Website is:

And for people who don't know much about music and promoting, could you tell me what would make you listen to a new band you've never heard before?

Future thanks.

Answer on How do i build a bigger fan base for my band?

If your looking to make a bigger fan base for your music there are two areas of promotion your should be using.

1) Online promoting
2) Offline promoting

Now online promoting offers you many different ways of delivering your content and promoting your music to new potential fans, so lets explore this first.

At your fingertips you have:

Social Media
RSS Feeds
Online Magazine Reviews
Email / Newsletters
Video Marketing
Press Releases
Electronic Press Kits
Social Bookmarking
Paid Advertising

The most important thing about being successful when promoting online is getting traffic, because on the internet you won't get anywhere without it as it is your life blood, so by promoting your music in every available channel you will increase the chances of getting noticed much more.

Very rarely will anyone get far by only having a My Space account, the idea is to make a "universe" of web pages that link back to your main page or website if you have one. If each of your 10 "universe" pages bring 1 person to your main web page then your increasing your fan base potential 9 times. the more you spread out the more exposure potential you'll have.

Its important to network in each community with promoters and other bands to help each other out, and also if your using 10 different ways to promote yourself you'll find people you wouldn't of found if you hadn't increased your web of exposure.

Offline promoting is still a very effective game to play, but i can understand it's tough in the current economic climate getting fans out to your gigs. One of the best places to hit is always the local university, find out if the university will let you put up some posters or some flyers, otherwise you can visit on a lunchtime and hand out some flyers or sample Cd's to perk up a typically boring lunch break, do something different and original to get noticed.

You can try:

Flyering in places your demographic would hang out
Put your posters up on buildings ( with consent )
Promote on notice Boards in music shops
Send off press kits to dj's / labels
Get on the local radio / get reviewed by them
Go to student houses and drop flyers through their letterboxes

To answer your question i think the single biggest factor in people listening to music is authority, my unspoken inner dialogue is saying "why should i spend my time listening to you?" " whats in it for me?" If you have no reviews, no one saying that your a great talent with great music, then im going to be a hard person to convince that i should listen to your music.

With authority, with the backing of a dj, magazine review or a respected musician its a tough battle to fight if your looking to get a fan base. I know how tough unsigned bands are finding it to get a group of fans down to see them play, if you do your research and find lots of local reviewers, bloggers, dj's and musicians let them review you ( which gives them material for their show / website you get in return exposure with authority, you can use phrases on your flyers and any aspect of your promotion campaign.

Hope this helps,