Sunday, June 25, 2000

How do you calculate grams of fat in beef?

My sister, recovering from a heart attack, is trying to change her diet. She has a limit to the amount of fat she consumes, and also is trying to separate out trans fat computations from mono and polys. She has no idea how to calculate fat in beef, and I can't help her there. Can you? Is there some kind of formula she can use? She's doing real well sticking to her new lifestyle but when you've been a meat and potatoes kind of gal your whole life, the temptation to go red meat occassionally is always there. Figured if she could legitimately add it into her diet a few times, that would help. I tried this question under Fitness and Health but got no answers so I'm trying it here. Thanks.

Answer on How do you calculate grams of fat in beef?

depends on the cut of the beef and how its cooked

you can use a website like caloriecount, which has a list of how much and what type of fat are in most cuts of beef and other meat