Friday, May 26, 2000

How is Amanda Knox paying for her legal counsel?

Are her parents footing the bill? Or is she receiving a public defense? Is the American Embassy providing assistance in any way? Italy has a much different legal system.... As I understand any defendant can speak at any time during the trial.... As Americans we take for granted our cultural knowledge of our own legal system when faced with legal charges against us, but just imagine what Amanda Knox is going through over there. Do they even have the right to trial by jury? Its enough to make you think twice about engaging in satanic orgy rituals in a foreign country.

Sorry I couldn't resist. I would hate to have to be one to find her guilty or innocent at trial. Much of the evidence against her as reported in the press, i.e. her apparent emotional indifference, yes it makes her look bad but is it enough to convict her? On the other hand, I'd hate for this to turn into another "Lizzy Borden", where no jury could fathom the possibility of someone committing such a heinous crime.

What are your opinions?

Answer on How is Amanda Knox paying for her legal counsel?

In such cases you are provided with Counsel by the State, however she may have hired her own lawyers.

There are usually six civilian jurors and two judges, one of whom serves as the "president" of the jury and helps manage the procedural elements of the trial. All of the jurors, including the judges, are chosen randomly.

It would be a difficult case to sit on as a juror due to the inconclusive forensic evidence, coupled with varying accounts of what exactly occurred that night.