Sunday, April 16, 2000

Could something like the political and social protests that arose worldwide in the 1960's happen again?

Do you think that a decade of social reform brought on by protests could happen again? The point of this is not to say whether you think we need another social movement nor to insult any group or age here. It is simply to say whether you think it can happen again with today's current society and if it is already happening.
Below are examples of protests and riots from the 1960's. Sorry most of it is based in the United States just because I live there so I know the most about what happened here. If you don't want to read all of my examples just skip the upcoming paragraph for the next one.

The 1960's are perhaps most famous for starting rights in the United States for gaining rights for African Americans and women and for the social unrest in the US, UK, Italy, France and Germany over the Vietnam War. However, it was also a turning point for the LGBT community. In France, workers unions protested poor working conditions. In Mexico City, there was a massacre as students protested against the government. Poland and Yugoslavia protested against communist governments.

So do you think this can happen again? Some people I talk to say that they don't think so. A common occurrence in any of the protests and social reforms anywhere in the world of the 1960's (or history in general) is that it starts in the youth of that country. The naysayers say that two things block youth from getting to this level of protest:
A) Technology has rendered youth uninterested. The youth no longer care enough to investigate or think of anything other than what is told to them by the TV or Internet. They lack the willpower.
B) The other is that the youth of the day are too divided. Even those who are politically and socially active cannot agree on what needs to be done enough to form any type of movement for any cause.

Those who say yes say that protests like the ones in Egypt and the earlier ones in France are proof that youth are still concerned about the world. They think that a movement of social reform like the 60's are already happening again.

What do you think? With today's current society, can it happen again? Is it already starting again?

Answer on Could something like the political and social protests that arose worldwide in the 1960's happen again?

if the conditions are right, YES.
Look what is happening in the North Africa and in the Orient right now. Occident backed Dictators are falling like flies.
If there is a hate war, people will protest in masses.

But like I have said, certain conditions must be met before.
It wont e like he 60's because the 60's was a bubble that was about to exploded (racism, Vietnam, LGBT, Cold War, ect...) That is why the 60's were special, it was a time where people want to radically change the face of society and they have achieve that on many level (not all but still there were significant changes)

However, protest against dictators surely have a 60's and 70's tone to them.