Friday, April 14, 2000

What Visa do i need to be a au pair?! HELP?!?

So im going to be an au pair in Italy in august and I have no idea what kind of visa i need. Im Canadian. Ill be going for about 10 or so months. I really need to find out quickly. Ive already called the Italian embassy i couldnt really understand what they were saying because of their accent. PLEASE HELP!!!!! thanks!

Answer on What Visa do i need to be a au pair?! HELP?!?

You need to apply for a long stay visa. The following documentation needs to be provided in general, however each Italian Embassy/Consulate may ask for additional documents to be forwarded:
Schengen visa application form
passport which must be valid for at least 3 month beyond the intended stay
passport photo (European size, 35x45mm)
a written agreement between the au pair and the host family which should contain the terms of employment such as duration of stay, salary etc. The agreement must be stamped by the “Ufficio Provinciale del Lavoro” and must be accompanied by an Italian Work Permit (Nulla Osta al Lavoro)
a letter of invitation (Lettera di Invito) with statement of support to be obtained by the host family and certified by the local Italian community's police office
certificate of enrolment from an Italian school attending an Italian language course
flight itinerary
travel and medical insurance which covers at least €30,000 [CA$40,000] and includes hospital treatment and emergency repatriation
proof of residence in the jurisdiction of the Consulate
visa fee €75.00 ..