Monday, April 3, 2000

Why Can't Our Rubbish Be Tipped Into Volcanoes Instead Of Landfills...?

A few years ago I had the luxury of travelling to Sicily and found it a wonderful and welcoming island. With the news today that Sicilians are unhappy about mainland Italy trying to send their landfill rubbish to Sicily and the unrest this has caused, I was wondering if there was a problem with all of this landfill rubbish being tipped into the volcanic crater, and what would be the potential ecological results of doing such a thing? Surely any rubbish tipped into the crater would be burned up in due course and surely wouldn't be any worse than the normal emmissions from the volcano?

What are the arguments for and against?

Answer on Why Can't Our Rubbish Be Tipped Into Volcanoes Instead Of Landfills...?

This is a bizarre idea!!!

Assuming the idea would work, you would need to find an active volcano, one not erupting explosively, but not lying dormant either. There aren't too many of these in the world, not even in the vicinity of Naples, which is overshadowed by Vesuvius. Naples is currently overflowing with rubbish because the mafia control the rubbish collection business.

Then imagine the logistics and cost and environmental damage associated with transporting all that rubbish long-distance to a suitable volcano. Not to mention the effort and danger of driving it up the side of the volcano. Imagine the HSE issues!!!

It's an amusing, but totally daft idea!