Saturday, April 1, 2000

How to catch the bigger bass in a smaller 1 acre pond?

I practice fishing in a small pond and I can only catch 1/4-1 pound bass. I have caught a 4 pounder once and few 2 pounders but I only catch a fish like that 1-150. Here's what I can tell you about the pond. Its about 1 acre, 8ft at the deepest part, lots of cover (I fish deep in the cover but I still only catch the smaller fish) Pond only has bass, bluegill, and flathead cats. nice dark water (stained not muddy), I catch fish on 7 inch worms, zoom brush hogs, zoom finese worms, senkos, shallow cranks, frogs. I haven't had any luck with jigs (I've tried a lot), caught a couple on spinnerbaits. All lures produce the same 1/4-1 pound fish no matter the size. they like junebug, red shad, punkinseed, black spinnerbaits, natural colored cranks (look like bass or bluegill). not bright colors.

What should I try?

Answer on How to catch the bigger bass in a smaller 1 acre pond?

Here's a wild idea...the small pond may be over-populated with BASS, thus stunting their growth. It's competition for food. Maybe only one out of 150 are in that 4 lb. plus range.

If I pulled more than one 4 lb. BASS out of a small pond - I'd consider myself lucky.