Wednesday, January 26, 2000

What supplements can i take for my hypothyroid symptoms?

i have:

thinning hair, getting over depression (finally), weight gain, tiredness, lack of motivation, and RLS symptoms, etc., the regular hypothyroid bit.

the thing i am REALLY tired of is the fact that my doctor thinks i am being hypochondriac because i am only 21. i have a hard time keeping a job/passing college/having a normal life because i am sooo tired all the time. well, it's not so much "tired" anymore, i just feel like i must sleep 12+ hours a day to function. am i addicted to sleep? what is my body's problem?

other problem is MEMORY. i can't seem to remember huge chunks of my past, near and far, as well as short-term memory stuff, like where i'm driving to, which class do i have today, or what did i come upstairs for? it's getting really old! i am 21 and i feel like i have alzheimer's disease. i feel like an old woman. it's so hard.

for the hair and nails, i have been taking prenatal vitamins. but for my muscle twitches and cramps, 12+ hr sleeping, and memory loss i need a solution...

over the counter? Rx i could ask my dr. about? herbal? anything for my memory and sleep. please help me. it's been two years and it's getting old. i want my own place but i don't have the strength.

please advise me based on something that would not interfere with:
synthroid 50mcg
prozac 40 mg
zyrtec two pills daily (as per dr....bad allergies)
generic multivitamin
sloFE iron pills and caltrate d for my muscle twitches and cramps
and fiber chews for IBS :D quite a list i know.

PLEASE HELP ME!!!!! thanks!

Answer on What supplements can i take for my hypothyroid symptoms?

You might try something called "Raw Thyroid". I find it at the natural foods store. Extra Vitamin B supplements are also good for the thyroid. I like "Emergen-C" which is loaded with Vitamin B as well as C. That can be found at about any grocery store, or pharmacy isle.