Monday, December 20, 1999

Hey help - and ignore the number listings at the bottom that is for the jerks?

We like the same music etc. We are in the same social status. We both act extremely immaturely.

But he won't give me the time of day?
I have only made one try at talking to him on facebook in which I messaged him and said he said to be the cutest boy in town but he never responded.
I am afraid of looking like a creep if I try to talk to him again.

this is him;…

this is me;…

is he out of my league? what do I do?

Don't go to town's public school he does. He is a year older. HEEELPP???
35 minutes ago - 4 days left to answer.
Additional Details
1) I can't help my braces and like everyone in America has//had//need them so shut up. At least my parents care enough to give me straight teeth- ain't my fault your parents are poor. (no offenses to other people who can't afford braces) and I am getting them off in exactly 11 days???

2) He looks NOTING like justin bieber. His hair has been like that for like three years aka before people even gave a **** about beiber.

Answer on Hey help- and ignore the number listings at the bottom that is for the jerks?

This is a tough one!
You need to be breezy, try hanging out in the same places he does, let him notice you, if he sees you in the same kindof places (even online places) that he goes to, he may become interested in you. Start off by smiling and saying hi when you see him, but walk on...don't even expect a hi back, just see what happens from there, after a few times, you could throw a compliment in too, like, 'I like your shoes', and walk on, again like you aren't even bothered if he replies to you or not, hopefully he'll think about you inbetween seeing you and eventually speak to you or maybe even compliment you.

If he doesn't seem interested in you, you could try and put yourself out there in person, ask him out face to face, perhaps buy two tickets to see your fav band, and offer him one ticket. Say, 'my parents/aunt/sister bought me two tickets to see...... I noticed on ....... you like them too, would you like to go with me?'

If he says no, then I'm so sorry, move on, and find some-one better, some-one who would love to go out with you. ((HUGS))