Monday, December 6, 1999

Did i mess up with this guy?

okay so me and my guy friend have been talking.. alot and its been weird bc ive been having to take the lead in everything. hes one of those guys if he wants to go to the movies with you he wont ask but he will wait til you ask him. so ive heard he wants to ask me out but hes not, im pretty sure hes waiting for me to do the job but im not doing it this time, im waiting on him.
his profile picture on facebook is of him and me, and it has been for a while.
my friends told me that they thought he liked me so i should change my twitter picture of me and a guy, what they dont know is that i like this guy too but i listened anyways
last night though i changed my twitter picture to a picture of me and ryan sheckler. he doesnt know thats ryan sheckler for the record, i just noticed he changed his default on his facebook to a picture of him and this girl i hate.
plus he hasnt texted me the second he woke up like hes been doing everyday weekend for the past few months.
do you think this upset him that i posted a picture of me and another guy? should i explain to him that its ryan sheckler the next time i talk to him? ahh idk what to do i think hes mad at me bc hes not talking to me

Answer on Did i mess up with this guy?

Yeah you messed up with this guy. Sorry, hun. You need to explain to him that's Ryan Sheckler and you need to confront him that you like him. Ask him if he wants to hang out. The worst he can say is no.