Tuesday, October 26, 1999

If your on a diet is it bad to eat a lot of white rice?

Im going to start a diet because im a fat azz and I need to lose weight. Imma try to lose as much weight as I can in 5 months before june or so. My plan is to give up meat and only eat fruits and vegetables. Also drink lots of water and also eat rice and beans for protein. So will it be ok for me to do this. Like eat a cup or two of rice a day.???? Will this help me to lose weight? im also going to start going to the gym too!!!!

Answer on If your on a diet is it bad to eat a lot of white rice?

White rice wont make you fat. Take a trip to Asia will convince you about that. In Vietnam for instance they eat it at every meal-nobody fat there.And they are not starved or deprived of food.

The secret is never eat it alone. Always with protein and vegetables.

You might like to use Basmati rice which has a low GI that means it is less chance to stimulate the pancreas into secreting insulin which is a fat producing hormone.

Eliminating meat wont help you lose. Although it has no fibre it is low GI and it has some of the best brain and body nutrients for your body.
Best diet: Vegs, fruit,nuts, seeds, rice, beans(variety) maybe some dairy and a little meat. Water too.

Getting your body moving and sweating a bit will help too