Thursday, August 26, 1999

Who has completed P90x??!?!? I have some questions!?

So im 18, pretty lean and fit, but I want to build some nice muscle tone to start looking pretty good. Anyways Im 6 foot and 155, so i dont have much fat. Is the diet really necessary for me? It seems like its more for people that have a lot of weight to lose.. I really dont have much fat for me to lose. So do i really have to follow their plan? I mean im not going to be eating a bunch of junk, but since im 18 i feel like I can take in more calories without having much of a side effect. And how many calories should I take in since im only 18?

Answer on Who has completed P90x??!?!? I have some questions!?

i guess it kinda depends on your metabolism. i can eat a whole world of junk and put on fact i even try to eat more junk so i don't loose weight. if you continue to increase the demands of your work out like more reps and weights you would look buffer, bigger (slightly) and toned without adding on any fat. but back it up with a full healthy diet(don't follow my example) to meet energy demands.