Saturday, August 7, 1999

Not worth leaving your parents house even if you are over 30?

especially if they are comfortable with the fact that you are staying at their house and they are financially secure. Don't you think?Obviously i'm talking about people not leaving their parents house because they are on a low wage. i live in italy and i am 33 and live with my parents. i only earn 1000 euro a month after tax and my parents are financially secure and don't want money from me. As for private life i usually go to the woman's house or in a cheap hotel.After all i can afford a 50 euro hotel room once a week since i have no expenses(don't even have a car).
Is it worth having no social life(no money left come end of the month after paying for rent food etc) and living on your own or with other people?

Answer on Not worth leaving your parents house even if you are over 30?

Only you can decide if it is "worth it" to you to live with your family or not...I prefer to live on my own or with a roommate, rather than under my Mom's roof, to abide by her rules, and have limited privacy or ability to have people over that I want to have over...

I would not personally find a guy who lived at home to be an appealing dating prospect at all...

Do you think my best friend has been spiteful and taking advantage of me?

Okay, so me and this girl lexi are best friends. We're very similar in personality and our faces look the same, but she's really tan and I'm pale. Also she's very skinny and I'm not fat but I'm curvy with big boobs.
Most guys like her more, even though we're 17 and she is literally a stick.

Ever since middle school she would interfere with my relationships with guys by going after boys I like and even dating my ex boyfriends.

The first incident was when I just broke up with my boyfriend when I was 15, and after that they would talk all the time and actually started going out and she did sexual things with him. I hardly even made out with him when we were dating.
However, she did ask if it was okay with me if they started going out, I was obviously hurt by this but I just told her she can do what she wants.

And just from then on whenever I like a guy she'll just flirt with him and talk to him A LOT.
for example, the most recent incident is when I liked this guy named Drake and she knew that. She was there when I would get all excited when he texted me or said something nice or just gave me a big hug.
She even said that she was happy for me, but then I noticed that she would talk to him all the time and they exchanged phone numbers and started texting a lot.
Then HE liked HER. She told me that, because she said she wanted to be the first to tell me. And they continued to talk all the time and then she said that she liked him too. They never went out though because after that she kind of treated him like her leftovers as she was talking to this other guy at the same time.

I think she knows that I'm insecure and I'm kind of jealous of her and takes advantage of that by going after the guys I like. I also think that it makes her feel better about herself because she's jealous of my curvy body and my looks..
but I've always wondered if I'm overreacting?

Answer on Do you think my best friend has been spiteful and taking advantage of me?

let me just get to the point .... this girl isn't your best friend no offence... im sorry to say but i have to state the obvious. i dpnt think she is friends with you to go out with the boys you date .. i dnt even believe she likes any of the boys you date. she is doing this because she knows you dont have the guts to say no... she is probably doing this to make you feel bad by showing that she can get any guy you date ( trying to say she's more pretty or whatever) she would know that dating your EX would hurt you being your best friend and all... is going out with a boy for just a few weeks more important then your friendship with a close friend... comeone! any person who wants to see you get hurt, is jelous of you, doesn't think about your feelings and instead of helping you get the guy , goes after him herself.. is NOT YOUR BESTFRIEND. you deserve better! i can't stand seeing my bestfriend hurt! if she would cry over a break up i would probably cry with her.