Sunday, August 1, 1999

What can I do if I'm overly deticated (obsessed) with Justin Bieber?

So. I'm overly deticated to Justin Bieber. I cant help it! How do i stop? I cant stop thinking about him...

Answer on What can I do if I'm overly deticated (obsessed) with Justin Bieber?

haha lol i was in your same position girly about one year ago but for me school work is very important to me or hanging out with my friends what i did was not go on twitter or in this case unfollow him take bassicly my life from him its hard i know lol it took me about 2 months to get rid of him completly i was over obbsessed brought every album he had on itunes never got tired of the songs but i quickly deleted him from EVERYTHING.

1. hang out with your friends and if you can resist your connection to twitter/facebook
2. listen to other songs right now it seems we have the same taste in music lol listen to some jesse mcartney lol.
3. catch up on your favorite show that does not consist of bieber
4. do everything in your power to not do ANYTHING BIEBER RELATED

my friends were a big help in this process because they hate bieber with a passion lol recently i fell back into bieber after a YEAR of having him out of my life lol and im prowd to say im just a normal fan now nothing really big i even DISAGREE to things he says now lol well follow me on twitter =] @icandigito_0