Saturday, May 29, 1999

How can I get my dad to go on a diet and stop eating so much?

My dad is very obese. He weighs well over 300 pounds. I've tried to get him to go on a diet, but nothing works. He says he's going on a diet, but then a week later he'll quit and go back to eating the way he was before. I can tell his health is being effected; he gets out of breath just walking up the stairs. And he eats so much! Today for instance, he ate pancakes and bacon for breakfast, a bowl of soup, slice of pizza, peanut butter and banana sandwich, and almost an entire box of tagalong girl scout cookies for lunch! And we haven't even eaten dinner yet, which is his hugest meal! Plus he snacks all the time. He knows it's bad for him, but he doesn't stop. I'm concerned, what can I do to make him stop eating so much and go on a diet? I've tried everything!

Answer on How can I get my dad to go on a diet and stop eating so much?

Well instead of making him eat lesser fat foods, try to reduce his sugar intake, that's the real poison. no chocolate and sweets for a while, just until he gets into better shape, make him eat protein, drink water as his only beverage, and make him walk around the park as exercise. that's pretty simple but if you walk with him for an hour a day, you'll get some results, and you get to spend time with your father which in turn will prevent you from become a murdering psycopath.

Good luck!