Wednesday, May 19, 1999

Online dating description help?

Alright I need a little help with making a description of myself for this dating site I just joined. Here's everything about me.
I'm gay. I'm 19. I love going shopping, especially at Barnes and Noble. Someday I hope to visit italy and walk down the streets of Rome with my future boyfriend. I'm really into those long haired emo guys. I also have a thing for blondes. I like the shy quiet guy but still confident to speak up when they know what they want. My role model is comedian Chelsea handler. Im really good at making asian food. I'm currently going to college. I'm entering the medical field. Whenever I have a bad day I go get a cup of coffee at starbucks and just relax. I'm a very busy boy. School keeps me busy 24/7. I'm looking for a guy who will be their for me. Someone who is caring and sweet. I would be there for them too every step of the way. Perfect date: Go out to dinner then go back to their house and watch a romantic movie while we snuggle. I'm a very gullible guy who is very sensitive. I'm very funny and a little shy at first.

Whoever can fit all of this stuff into a flowing and beautiful description that will help intrigue different guys will get 10 points. : )

Answer on Online dating description help?

You've already written a pretty darn good description. I say, edit for typos and post it.