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My husband is no fun since he quit drinking?

My husband and I have always had a taste for the good life. Fine wine, cocktails, fancy restaurants, etc. My husband in particular has a strong passion for spirits and wine. He actually built a bar in the basement that rivals many I've seen in five-star restaurants.

Unfortunately, my husband had to quit drinking a few months ago at the advice of his personal physician. The doctor ran some blood work and informed my husband that his liver enzymes were elevated. Upon further testing, they discovered that he also showed the early signs of liver disease.

Anyway, at first I was fully supportive of him abstaining from alcohol . I mean, he's my husband and I care about his health and well-being. However, these past two months I've noticed some significant changes in his personality and even his appearance.

I can't quite put my finger on it, but my husband seems to have lost that "spark" that he once had. He rarely wants to go out anymore. In fact he barely even leaves the house at all. His voice has become sort of dull and flat; almost emotionless. He's lost contact with many of his friends and work acquaintances.

Our love life has taken a significant turn for the worse as well. His libido has just gone kaput. Marital relations have become a chore for him now instead of an integral and enjoyable part of our marriage.

I'd also estimate that he's lost about 20-25lbs. The weight loss is even affecting the structure of his face. This is not the man I married.

Suffice to say, I WANT MY HUSBAND BACK!

It's my understanding that liver disease is a very slowly progressive disease. He probably has decades of binge-drinking in him before any significant problems arise. How can I convince him to disregard his doctor's instructions and live life to its fullest again?

Answer on My husband is no fun since he quit drinking?

It sounds like he is an alcoholic. It is not easy to quit cold turkey! Of course he is struggling with it. You need to be more supportive and help him through this. You really want him to disregard his doctor's advice?! That is incredibly selfish. It's not going to be fun when he has cirrhosis of the liver.