Thursday, March 11, 1999

I seriously have a really bad obsession problem?

I seriously have a problem, I'm not kidding. This may seem like a joke to some people, but it really isn't. And please, no rude comments. People who post rude comments seriously need a life.

So my problem is...I'm OBSESSED with Justin Bieber. The only person who knows is my cousin, and she lives out of state, so I can't talk to her on a daily basis. All the rest of my family and friends don't know I like him. So, I think I may be one of the most obsessed fans out there, but it's a big secret. I have seen every interview, every performance, basically every YouTube video having to do with him. I'm slowly beginning to download every one of his songs, one by one. Of course my dad sees what I buy, so he knows about the songs. Whenever someone mentions Justin Bieber, I don't say anything, but FREAK OUT in my head. I think about him for at least 30 minutes after that, nonstop. Someone mentions him at least every thirty minutes, so he's basically my head all day. I get sorta mad when he's mentioned. Not at all mad at the person who brings him up, just upset that I can't get him out of my head. When another girl mentions him, I automatically think, "Oh my gosh. He'll never like you, EVER. So give up now. You have no idea how much bigger a fan I am than you. Give it up!" I'm not mean to that girl, I'm a really nice person. I don't have mental problems or anything, haha. I'm completely normal, no one could ever tell I'm a Bieber freak. I envy every girl who gets to meet him, or even see him. I envy Caitlin Beadles (Past girlfriend he doesn't ever talk about or see anymore), and I ABSOULUTELY HATE Selena Gomez. I know it's not for sure they're dating, but seeing a video about them, seeing the photoshopped pictures of them kissing makes me just want to die. (I don't really want to die.) Last night, it was on the news that they were holding hands. That has literally been running through my head all day, I can't stand that girl. She doeant deserve him. I know he needs to be happy and have a girlfriend, but when he gets a for sure girlfriend, I don't know what I'll do. I know it's impossible for me to ever meet him, but still. I wish I could stop being obsessed. I wish he'd just turn ugly or something! Instead, he's getting hotter. Everytime I see a video or picture, I just melt inside. Another problem is, every time I meet a boy, I compare him to Justin. I'll think, "Uhhh. His hair isn't as cute as Justin's. His eyes aren't brown like Justin's. His body isn't as fit as Justin's. He can't sing like Justin. He's not Justin, so I don't like him." Isn't that just crazy? I mean, I've liked a guy before, I'm not a freak, but I'm positive I'll never find someone as amazing as Justin. I hate logging into Facebook and every other post being about him. It makes me think about him even more, and reminds me that I won't ever get to meet him. I want to see his movie, but I'm to afraid to admit to my parents that I like him. Should I tell someone else I like him? Will it make me feel better, think I'd quit being so obsessed if I let someone know and stop holding it in? How do I quit thinking about him 24/7? How do I stop hating people who get to meet him, and how do I stop obsessing everytime he's mentioned? Thank you so much to those who answer nicely! (:

Answer on I seriously have a really bad obsession problem?

Hey girl, I know how you feel. I'm secretly overly obsessed with Bill Kaulitz, and it interferes with my daily life. I always feel like I will end up with him, but at the same time, I know it won't happen and I need to get over it. It's not easy at all. What's bad is he is single and looking for the love of his life, which could be anytime. Every time I think of or imagine him with someone else, my heart drops to my stomach.

I can relate to you on all of this. Nobody in my family or even my friends know I'm obsessed with him, and I don't have pictures of him up or listen to his music. Anytime someone mentions him to me in person, I feel all weird.

I always have to compare other guys to him, both the way he looks and his personality.

You need to think of it this way though. Guys don't like selfish girls, and would want to know if you care about him. If you really love and care about the person you do, you'd just let them be happy. Even though it really hurts to think about that person being with someone else, it's just you should want to see them happy. I know when BK gets a girlfriend, I'm going to really die inside, and I hope it's someone who treats him right. He doesn't deserve someone who's going to just use him for his money, fame, and because he's "Bill Kaulitz". I just want him to be happy, with or without me.

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EDIT: I'm an 18 year old adult.