Friday, February 19, 1999

Cats & idiopathic cysthosis?

My cat suffers from this condition for many years,it starts spontaneously , he has the urge to urinate sometimes pushing so hard that he will vomit, his urine is bloody, the tests ruled out any other health threats, his diet is mostly dry food, change in diet is making him sick, he is a persian 11 years old neutered male, he was diagnosed for the first time 6 years ago, right now he is on Amitryptiline for 14 days. Does anybody have some experience with this condition, we need help, please.

Answer on Cats & idiopathic cysthosis?

You changed his diet to soft foods and that made him sick? To be honest, you might want to try getting more fluids into your cat other than milk.
We normally try watered down milk when our cats have problems. The best bet would probably be asking a trained vet what type of diet you should change your cat to. As for the vomiting, you might want to buy some hairball treatment stuff. I'd suggest the kind cats can lick up, spread it on their food or even get the kind you can put into something to squirt it into your cat's mouth.
I know you said the pushing so hard when urinating causes the throwing up, but hairball treatment might help conciderably since that is normally the main culprit. It'll reduce the build-up in your cat's stomach so when he pushes, the vomiting chance will be reduced.
As for the blood in the urine... you might want to take this cat to a different vet and get a second opinion. There ARE horrible vets out there, trust me. =( Get a second opinion for the sake of your cat. If you do that, ask about the hairball treatment I suggested too, if there is something wrong and the second vet finds it, the hairball treatment might be a bad idea depending on the problem. You should probably take the cat to a different vet and have them check him. Whoever nuetured him could have messed up his urinal track during the operation. It has happened before.
Wish you luck.

Can they see my updates on Facebook?

I added someone on Facebook (they have a public profile) and they haven't accepted or ignored my request yet. I get their updates on my news feed, but I can't comment or like their stuff. Is the opposite also true? Could they be seeing my Facebook updates on their news feed the same way that I can see theirs?

Answer on Can they see my updates on Facebook?

No, Facebook allows you to see their feed in your timeline, because you could see it if you viewed their profile anyways. If your profile is private, and they have not accepted or declined your request yet, then they cannot see anything that you post.