Sunday, January 31, 1999

I want to visit Rome & Venice, Italy for 1 week approximately how much money should I take for two?

Answer on I want to visit Rome & Venice,Italy for 1 week approximately how much money should I take for two?

We just got back three weeks ago from this vacation with an extra day in Pisa. Not including hotels and the train tickets, we spent $1050US for THREE people. This includes meals, Roma pass, 110 bus in Rome, 36hr water bus pass in Venice, lots of glass bought in Murano, and leaving 2 bags at the "left luggage" at the termini rail station in Rome.
If you want taxi instead of bus or want to eat 4 course meals, we did a lot of great pizza, plus at least one expresso and two gelato each day plus 2 really nice meals with wine and after dinner drinks, it will cost more. Also, order your expresso and gelato "take away" since this costs less than if you sit at a table, sitting outside costs even more but who wants to sit when there is spo much to see?
Carry a water bottle with a thermal cover since ther are drinking water spouts fed from the underground waterway all over Italy. This water is cold even in the summer and tastes better tha the best bottled water here. Also, if you order water with your meal you will be asked "gas or no gas" you NEVER will get tap water.
You actually get a better exchange rate by using your debit card at the ATM at one of the many banks in the areas than trading in dollars for Euros. In Italy the banks are not allowed to charge for using their ATMs so the only extra charge is from your own bank. If you use you credit card to make purchases or meals the card will add 0-3% foreign transaction fee but give you a great conversion rate.