Sunday, December 27, 1998

Comparing J. Cole to Drake?

Does it offend you when they compare J. Cole to Drake?
J. Cole is on a whole nother level than Drake when it comes to true rapping. I also don't get why they compare the two just because they are half-white. They must think that since they are both of the same ethnicity that they sound the same.

I just want to see RHH section's response to this.

Answer on Comparing J. Cole to Drake?

I agree man, comparing J. Cole to Drake is highly offensive. I'm J. Cole fan from day one, and Drake is an average rapper to me.

Drake is a rapper, J. Cole is a lyricist.

Those who make silly comparisons between the two; obviously need to listen to both of their music and they would see that J. Cole is better by a landslide.