Friday, November 27, 1998

Something like Facebook, Bebo, MyYearbook or Myspace?

something like Facebook,Bebo,MyYearbook or Myspace???

Answer on Something like Facebook,Bebo,MyYearbook or Myspace?


How do I look?

I recentley cut my hair. It's like Drake Bell's
It was necessary because my hair was damaged..
Do I look to boyish?
And is my makeup gay looking?
Do you thinkg I'll look better without all the make up?

Answer on How do I look?

I think you look stunning, the hair and makeup really suits you. Maybe you should apply some more mascara, or some fake lashes; they create such a sassy girly look
(then you have NO chance of looking too boyish)

How to refill electronic cigarette cartridge?

When upon inhaling no vapour is produced and the liquid in the cartridge is dry, its time to replace your E cigarette cartridge. E cigarette cartridges are available at e cigarette web, UK in many flavours including tobacco, Marlboro and menthol and in 4 different strengths, encompassing – no nicotine, low nicotine, medium nicotine and high nicotine.

Answer on How to refill electronic cigarette cartridge?

I asked the Smoke Juice people and they say that you can refill the blu cig. I am still waiting for my blu cig - it is on its way. Here the info I gathered so far:

* Nicotine is highly transdermal, you need to be careful with it.
* Wipe your hands off or wash them right away.
* When refilling, don't lick your fingers if you get juice on them.
* Keep it put up away from children and pets. When you are done, wash your hands.
* refill the cartridge at the mouth end - not the side with the metal thread.
* Use a dropper:start with 4-5 drops - you definitely don’t want to overfill it.
* don't let the liquid pool: pooled liquid means you over filled
* cartridge is empty once you don't get vapor anymore (full battery) and/or "burned" smell.