Wednesday, October 14, 1998

Does sugar effect your energy level?

I was on a diet where I ate healthy food and an okay amount of sugar, I had a lot of energy but this weekend I ate crazy, all I ate was mcdonalds, soda, and chocolate. The next day I'm energy less and extremely tired/fatigued and usually I'm not like that at all. So does sugar really effect my energy?

Answer on Does sugar effect your energy level?

Sugar will usually give a person a burst of energy. That energy will quickly be gone and then it will put a person in a really weak, grumpy mood. I know if I eat something sugary I feel all happy, and an hour later I just crash and want to sleep. I have occasionally eaten junk for breakfast like chips or cookies and it does not give me the strong energy like a good breakfast. It makes me feel a little sick and crave something more nutritious.

This is random too, but I watched "super size me" last week and the guy explains his mood after eating fast food. He normally ate vegan dishes, and after Mcdonalds he said that he felt weak, numb, and sweaty. He also threw up countless times.