Thursday, October 8, 1998

Where In the world should I move?

I want to be a fashion/hair/makeup major. I really want to work in the fashion industry, i think its my calling. I'm not to sure what exactly i want to do in the industry but i know i want to be involved. I want to go out of country for schooling in one of those three area's. Right now, i'm contemplating Italy (Milan) , France (Paris) or USA (NYC/California). Which city do you think would be best (fun and exciting) but still offer the most opportunities?

Answer on Where In the world should I move?

New York is the best way. Trust me. I live in New York and theres a bunch of people that move over here and stuff because of the fashion hair and make up stuff. New York is like the number one place that is fun and exciting. I think you should try it out. If i'm wrong, i'm sorry. I just seen a lot of guys and girls with your potential that work downtown in Manhattan and get lots of money for there work so think about it and try it out.