Friday, October 2, 1998

How Would This Guy Show His Feelings?

How would a guy with this birth chart show his interest in a girl he likes??
What would he do to show her?
How would he act in front of the girl he likes?

Sun 16°10' Sagittarius
Moon 29°46' Aquarius
Mercury 13°04' Sagittarius
Venus 06°29' Scorpio
Mars 28°59' Leo
Jupiter 29°48' Scorpio
Saturn 06°19' Pisces
Uranus 24°15' Capricorn
Neptune 21°48' Capricorn
Pluto 28°30' Scorpio

and Bonus:

Would he be compatible with a girl whos birth chart is
Sun 17°43' Libra
Moon 20°45' Taurus
Mercury 05°35' Libra
Venus 01°29' Scorpio
Mars 23°22' Scorpio
Jupiter 12°11' Sagittarius
Saturn 19°16' Pisces
Uranus 26°35' Capricorn
Neptune 22°51' Capricorn
Pluto 28°43' Scorpio

Answer on How Would This Guy Show His Feelings?

It's perfect as long as the other one doesn't know about you having all his birth and astrology information...