Saturday, September 5, 1998

I think my friend might be a compulsive liar?

My friend (I won't say his name) lies A LOT! We have caught him in MANY lies. So one day I was curious about the symptoms. So I went on Wikipedia and looked it up. He had ALL the symptoms. Making himself look better or like a hero. Here are some examples of his lies:

A couple of weeks ago he got called to the principles office. When we were on the bus my friend asked him what he was called down for. He said he couldn't tell and my friend continued to bug him. He finally said he couldn't because he "signed a contract." I decided to catch him in the lie and asked him if his parents knew about it. He said no. Then I knew he was lying because you had to be 18 years or older to be able to sign a contract without your parents consent.

The liar has a crush on the friend I was talking about in the first lie. On the bus he asked her out but she said no because she wasn't sure if she was allowed. I heard the whole conversation. When I got home we started to talk on Facebook. He said that he asked her out, and I asked what she said. He said she said yes.

This was the one that got on my nerves:
The liar has a 6 year old brother. When we were waiting in the bus line to go home his brother wasn't there. I asked him where his brother was and he said he fell down the stairs and had to get stitches. Then his brother showed up.

I am really sorry for putting these many lies up but this is the last one: He told me and my friend that he had a girlfriend. I never met, or heard his girlfriends name. Today he told me that he took his girlfriend to see the Justin Bieber Movie, and she broke up with him on Valentine's Day. Then he took her home and he told her to get the "F*ck out of his house."

Everytime I try to confront him about it, he denies it and changes his story. Should I do something about it or not say anything?
He also said he had dyslexia.

Answer on I think my friend might be a compulsive liar?

There is no evil a person will not commit if one tells a deliberate lie and feels nothing.

Choose your friends wisely.