Sunday, August 23, 1998

Kids Tv These Days! ....?

Okay. Seriously now. I'm really upset. I went over my little cousin's house today (she's 6, and adorable!) and she was watching shows like Hannah Montana, iCarly, Drake and Josh, and like... Big Time Rush... etc, etc.
From like birth till about 4 or 5 all I watched was disney movies! (Cinderella, Peter Pan, Robin Hood, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the Beast, etc) and now there are like movies like Gnomeo and Juliet and like Tangled out. Seriously !

And then around like 8 or 9 i started watching nickelodeon-- Jimmy Neutron, the fairly odd parents, the amanda show, drake and josh when it was good, rugrats, wild thornberry's, as told by ginger,CATDOG!, mr. meaty, blues clues, and like on cartoon network i'd watch like... courage the cowardly dog (holy crap i was always so afraid of that!) , scooby doo, kids next door, powerpuff girls...
i didn't watch disney channel till i was like 11 or 12 ! I just don't get it !

I watch shows like iCarly today! Kids are watching so much more grown up TV. I didn't even know that there were such things as actors till i was like...11!

I miss all the old nickolodeon shows and cartoon network shows! I say that they should come back! Who agrees with me ?

Answer on Kids Tv These Days! ....?

All those kids don't watch Disney and Nick and others because there not the same they only want to be like what they "think" kids are going to like .I do agree with you I stopped watching Disney when I notice it was dumb and some of the jokes were corny and some were a bit sexually . I dislike most of all tv now .