Wednesday, July 1, 1998

IS She Interested In Me Or Friend Zoned? (10 POINTS)?

I knew her for 4months.My cousin told her 2months ago that I liked her but she said we are just friends and likes talking with me. All her past relationships ended bad. She shares food ,saves seats, and a month ago we were watching a movie presentation at school and she said she was tired and laid her head on my shoulder. Last month I was hanging out with her, my friends and my cousin after school. I asked her if she wanted to head home and she said she would do whatever I was doing. Earlier that day she invited me out to the movies with her. We went out to the movies that week and I remembered her telling me that she hates when guys move fast with her and make moves on her so I didn’t. After the movie We Talked her ride came then she hugged me and left. The only guy Shes mentionned be attracted to his Drake.

We barely the past weeks spoke due to stacks of homework. I asked her out to movies and she said yes. Last week she called me to see if I was on break and I was so she came but instead of sitting next to me she sat across. We hung out and talked about her project and everything else. When she was leaving she said her butt felt sticky and asked me to check if there was anything. Now that she is up to date with her homework she now usually waits for me before going home. She even waited for me for almost an hour on Last Monday. My friend thinks she is waiting for me to ask her out. He thinks shes interested because she always calls me and I never call her but said I should be less availiable. I was on the bus with her Tuesday but barely talked to her and I caught her watching me a few times. She told me that I look good in blue. Wednesday I was walking not paying attention and bumped into her smiling at me. Sunday she called me while I was in the shower. I called her back and She said she called cause she wanted to know if my friend was still selling jackets them but decided to buy one in from the store. We talked about a half hour about her weekend, homework, and about how she was having family over.

Answer on IS She Interested In Me Or Friend Zoned? (10 POINTS)?

Ok young drizzy, you just need to grow a pair and ask her dog. I think you're the only one that can find out. A lotta girls are friendly when they like a guy, a lotta girls seem to be disinterested as well. You can say everything in the world what yall went through, but it wouldn't matter, cause in the end, its on you to find out.