Friday, June 12, 1998

Diet plan to lose 10-15 more pounds?

I would like to lose about 10 to 15 more pounds. I work out everyday, and I am also a distance runner, who participates in races, such as 5k, 10k and half marathons. How would this sound to lose weight?

Breakfast: 1 cup of cereal, 8 oz. glass of orange juice
Lunch: Vegetable salad with tuna
Snack: Strawberries, apples and almonds
Dinner: Grilled chicken and a hearty helping of vegetables

Does it sound good? Any suggestions?

Answer on Diet plan to lose 10-15 more pounds?

Hey there,

I am in no way satisfied with my own weight. I'm certainly the chubbiest of 3, perfect, athletic sisters. All my siblings currently being on the athletics teams, obtained outstanding grades, enjoyed the most preferred boyfriends, not to mention was beautiful and lean. After that there would be me - within my family members, I had been typically the funny, wacky, not smart ones. I do not ever have boyfriends, dates to dances, or merely lots of buddies. I personally laughed it off, however beneath, it sincerely annoyed me, especially if folks compared me with my siblings.

While browsing around over the internet, I run across an internet site . that remarked a great weight reducing plan. Seriously speaking, I was somehow doubtful relating to the program. Fortunately the system offered a two months warranty, therefore i sought it not having any kind of probability of missing my bucks. I ended up being so thrilled from the impressive success I needed in just a short time period. To begin with I estimated to potentially drop only a few lbs within a four week period. However, by the end of the thirty days, it shocked me as soon as I had truly diminished twenty four lbs - considerably more compared to exactly what I had earlier imagined losing. The diet plan positively transformed my life and exactly how I looked at foodstuff - as fuel, instead of a reward. I'm certainly simply thrilled with my own shape and definitely feel just like a brand new person.

To avoid being branded as spammer by yahoo, it tricky for me personally to give the precise link. If you might be interested related to the product, merely googled 'powerful remedies' and surf the very first website. However i'm sorry for my bad english.

Did I betray my friend?

Well, today I gave my friend my password on facebook so she could see my best friend's profile and see if she was saying anything bad about her (the two are enemies).. Is this betrayal? Unforgivable?

Answer on Did I betray my friend?

Yep you are starting some trouble and you know it!