Monday, March 16, 1998

Special diet plan, can any one help??

i have recently found a diet that says you can lose 10 -17 lbs a week!
day 1 - just fruit, no bananas
d 2 - jacket pot in the morning and just veg
d 3 - fruit and veg no bananas
d 4 -8 bananas 3 glasses of milk, and SOUP???
d 5 - beef and tomatos ( 2 x 10oz lean beef)
d 6 - all the lean beef and toms you like.
d 7 - brown rice, friut juice and veg.

although i know this, this is all i do know.
am i allowed to flavour my veg with soy or chilli sauce?
can i stir fry it in oil, or roast it? or should it just be steamed?
does salad count as friut or veg??
whats the recipe for the soup?
am i allowed gravy??

has anyone done this?
can you help and does it work??
thanks in advance.

Answer on Special diet plan, can any one help??

this diet is going to make you a weak tub of lard. 5 of 7 days you're getting almost no protein. NO you're not allowed gravy.