Tuesday, March 10, 1998

Looking for mafia family history?

many italian families are directly or indirectly tied to different mafia orginazations. most usually only under the fact that the said families immagrated here from italy. mainly sicily.

im not sure if my family has any ties. i have not been able to get a direct answer or find it anywhere online. i do not wish to join, i think it would be intresting to know about such an intresting part of history. if anyone can find the name delbuano, i wil be very happy. any help is greatly appreciated :)

Answer on Looking for mafia family history?

I really don't know where you got your information from regarding Sicilians and the Mafia. You talk about it as if it's a Sicilian version of the game "6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon" in which every Sicilian has a tie to the Mafia. That simply isn't true and it's also quite insulting, not to mention continuing the stereotype of Sicilians as mob members. You might as well say that everyone in Oakland, CA is somehow connected to gangs.

Yes, there are some Sicilian families with Mafia connections. However, no one in their right mind is going to document any sort of "membership" to a criminal organization. Simply being a recognized "member" is enough to get sent to prison. Why do you think it takes so much man power to bring down a single Mafia member while gang bangers are swept up in raids by the dozens? Mafia members don't tat their allegiances on their bodies.

Like another poster stated, your best bet would be to find some sort of family connection in published articles. That's pretty much the only way unless you have a lead and can find a way to obtain arrest records on an individual.