Thursday, February 26, 1998

What language do you think I should study?

Hello everybody :) I am an Italian girl who is going to attend the University for interpreters and translators in Trieste, here in Italy. My mother tongue is of course Italian, and my first language is English (which is my favourite language, I love it) and my third language wil be Russian... I have to choose a second language, and I am not quite sure which one to choose. I have studied French at school and I reached level b2 in delf examinations (which is a good level) and then German, reaching the same level as I did in French. I can't decide which one to study. I'd love to move to the US and live and work there, so I was wondering, which one is better? I know that French is used in international institutions, whereas German is considered to be very important in Europe... is this true? I mean, would German be not so useful in my future job? Is it better for an interpreter to know French or German, in America? I like both of them... could you help me decide? Thank you so much!!!

Answer on What language do you think I should study?

Both are very wonderful language. For North America - USA & Canada French is most likey more useful. In fact French is one of Canada's Official language. I hope that answers your question.