Monday, February 16, 1998

How do i get Justin Bieber to be my boyfriend?

He doesn't even know i exist and i love him! Plus he's totally into Selena Gomez i just don't think they look all that good together! Which is sorta mean because Selena is like my idol, but i still love him!

Answer on How do i get Justin Bieber to be my boyfriend?

Do you REALLY love him ? I'm sure it's just a ( obsessive ) crush .
Their only 2 years apart , and hey . I like Sel.Gomez too But , If he likes her then there's nothing you can do about it . Maybe if they broke up or something , but your chances will still be slim . Think of Justin Bieber , that smile , that laugh right ? Now picture him , same personality only looking ( VERY ) different . Say he had , big thick glasses . What if he was too fat/skinny ? Or if he was bald , or had ( VERY ) short hair ?

Would you love him then ? I don't think so .

If your still insisting , what if he was poor and couldn't afford ANYTHING ( not even a dollar . ) Still looking different and nobody knew who he was . Only a plain t-shirt and shorts .

What if like that he begged you for money ?

You COULD meet him backstage , but it costs ALOT .
But that's the closest you'll get .
No , you can't get pregnant and say your having HIS child , because he would remember if he slept with someone underage .
No , you can't force him .
NO , you can't kill the fangirls , he won't sell anymore and lose his money thanks to you .
Plus you'll go to jail by the time you killed three .

Think , what if there wasn't a Justin Bieber ? Where would you be ?
Would you even have a real life of something to do ?

Try to pull yourself away from him .