Tuesday, January 20, 1998

Any idea on how I can hide this?

I'm 5'6 and 101 pounds. I've been losing more weight and I want to keep getting more weight off of me. So many people around me are concerned and worried about me, but I don't want to worry them at all. How can I hide my weight loss without gaining any weight? Can wearing extra layer of clothes help? What can I do to hide this? I don't want to gain any more weight at all and I really don't want to worry anyone anymore. Please help

Answer on Any idea on how I can hide this?

Wear loose clothing--get 2 sizes larger, maybe, in shirts. Cargo pants, straight or "flare" legged jeans. Large hoodies come in handy as well. Make sure all tshirts reach a few inches over the waistband of pants.

This should confuse eyes into not noticing the curve of the hips, width of arms and thighs.