Saturday, January 10, 1998

Why do people like Justin Bieber?

No, really. I walk around, and the streets are full of whiny 10 year old girls with "I'm a Belieber" hoodies. I really don't see the attraction of a 17 year old who's voice has only just broke. There's an 80% chance that he is homosexual. These "Beliebers" are completely retarded. Even if he decided he did like women (probably not going to happen), would he really choose a spotty pre-teen girl? No. So, "Beliebers", give it all you've got.

Answer on Why do people like Justin Bieber?

To begin let me say that I am not especially a fan of Justin Beiber. Also he is dating a woman which shows that he is not a homosexual. It should be fairly obvious why pre-teen girls like Justin. He is good looking and he can sing. He is the newest heart throb. Whether you like it or not teenage girls will always like boys like Justin Bieber.