Thursday, December 11, 1997

Going veg.........................?

i recently considered going veg....i grew up eating healthy and eating organic foods and i wanted to take it to the next level...then recently i discovered all the harsh inhumane things done in the meat industry and it really made me want to do the vegetarian diet even more....but now doing more research i'm starting to learn that soy, an ingredient that makes up a lot of the vegetarian diet(tofu, soymilk, seitan, etc), may not be so good for you like ppl say so now im stuck....i dnt want to continue to buy meat knowing all of the animal cruelty towards animals, but idk about the whole soy thing....any suggestions, tips, or advice...???

Answer on Going veg.........................?

Well, be a veg who doesn't eat soy, or at least not a lot of it. It's definitely possible. It's not required that you consume soy if you are a vegetarian.

I think the biggest problem with soy today is that it is heavily subsidized by the US, which means it ends up in a lot of foods. So we are actually eating a lot more soy than we may realize. On a veg diet, if you're still eating a decent amount of processed foods, and now you're drinking soy milk and eating lots of fake meat products or tofu/tempeh, then you're consuming a lot of soy. If it's a concern for you, avoid eating too much soy.

Hope that helps!