Sunday, November 2, 1997

I really love this girl.?

It is going to sound weird, but I still love this girl, 11 years after having a crush on her. In my country we go to highschool at the age of 10 or 11. I can't really be sure of the correspondence between my home country and my adoptive country, USA, in terms of grades and stuff. I was 10yo when I first saw her. I'm gonna tell you that it was a total crush. My world changed directions from that moment. She got into it too. I started having conversations with her. She drew two hearts, and wrote her name and mine inside them, and gave that to me as a gift. Her family is rich. Mine not really. So after a certain time, I receive this letter from her, she tells me never to contact her again, never speak to her and stuff. At that time I was 14. Imagine what I went through afterwards. I cried like a baby. I couldn't understand. So I let it go, I forgot her, I went on with my life. I got an idea that her family advised her to tell me all that. I presumed they were worried she might not be able to pursue her objectives as a young lady, which were to study. Like 5 years later, I see her again. Man, I dont know. That's how I again felt something for her. We didn't speak much.

I wrote her an email asking her to tell me why she wrote the letter. I told her how difficult it was for me to understand. And she said she was sorry, that she was young. I totally understood. I was a bit grown up, so my mind had developed then. It prevented me from having some serious thoughts about her. A couple of years later from then, bang!! I'm in the US. She is in the US too. We get into chatting. We talk about everything and nothing. Then my friends takes me to a park, just to hang out. I knew she lived in the area. When I told her by joking that I passed by her town, she quickly came out with stuff like "Dont ever try to find me...." Damn. Man, I got really angry. I wrote her back with some serious words. But I still think I like her. She's really nice. To be honest she's the girl I have ever loved. I haven't been able to feel something for anyone else, like I have for her. I get to see her pics from some friends and I can't but think of her. Mistaken me not, I'm not really obsessed. With all that adventure, I haven't even been able to talk to her more than 15 minutes. But she's a real beauty. What do you think guys? Should I tell her really what's on my mind? Should I ask her to let me have a discussion with her? It's because I'm in my early 20's. So young. And soon I'll be going to college and I expect to meet some lovely young ladies. I expect to fall in love. Tell me what you think. Please, write some serious stuff. Thanks in advance.

Answer on I really love this girl.?

The first time I feel in love was when I was 15 he was the boy next door when i met him my whole world stop turning no lie I didnt see or hear anything or anyone but him 5 mins after I met him his girlfriend walk out of the house. She is one of many exs that he haves but now hes married with two kids. I see him every once in awile but everytime I walk away I cry cause I think to myself what if? What if I would of told him how I felt would it be me that he would be married to with kids? I will never know and now Im 25 and still wounder. So if I was you tell her how you feel and don't leave nothen out. Just think of it like this the worst thing she can do is tell you to leave her alone and she already did thats so at least you will know for sure and you will never have to ask your self what if.