Sunday, October 19, 1997

Recommendation: This is my 1st time to visit Italy, any suggestion?

I plan to visit Italy in this June alone(I am Asian Male, is it dangerous for a guy as I am just 160cm). The duration will be 5 days visiting Venice, Rome and Florence. I will depart from Paris. Which is the cheapest transportation to go to these three cities? Where should I start with? Is there any cheap accomodation as I having very limited budget, I don't mind sharing room with a lot of peoples :) Is euro 30 per night available in these three cities? Besides sightseeing, I am more interested about the food, is there any nice food to recommend me? I prefer those traditional food that Italian will go for (again my budget is tight, hopefully below euro 8 per meal in 5 days, and 1-2 meals around euro 15).

I really confuse when doing research in the internet, hopefully I can get some direction here as I don't really know how to plan at all.

Thanks :)

Answer on Recommendation: This is my 1st time to visit Italy, any suggestion?

with your budget best to search in the internet for hostels, they are mostly out of town, Italy is not cheap, a bottle of mineral water 2 euro, 3-5 euro one ice cream, 7-8 euro a sandwich, you may purchase a book about traveling to Italy on a budget, best transportation from Paris to Italy is flying, low fairs are available, you must go to a travel agency because prices are changing daily, in Venice is airport Marco Polo, in Rome the airport is Leonardo da Vinci about one hour from Rome and is located in a small town called Fiumicino, from aereoport to Rome 18 euro for the tichet using public transportation a meal in reataurant is about 40 euro, in a cheap Cafetteria about 20-25 euro, plastic dishes , plastic fork, no drink. the city you are going to are the most visited by tourists from all over the world, for the small prices that you are looking for the better places are the small towns, country side---- good luck - ciao