Thursday, September 4, 1997

How can i become addicted to exercise?

I really want to be able to exercise without getting so tierd and worn out. I want to be addicted. If you have any weight loss/diet tips that would be so great. Please help me. xxx

Answer on How can i become addicted to exercise?

You CAN get addicted to exercise. As when we exercise we feel pain and break muscle fibers and tissues to help us tolerate that pain our brain triggers hormones which make us feel happy and reduce the pain. Thats the feeling of happiness and relaxation we feel after the workout.

Now how to achieve that stage is bit tricky -

1. First of all you should not have any serious injury or medical condition.

2. on passing that step you should try to get reasonable level of fitness by working out three times a week and at least 20-30 minutes of moderate aerobic activity each time.

3. On achieving that for Six weeks or so you should increase your exercise to 5-7 times a week. Never seven days a week but by seven times I mean twice a week you can work out twice in the same day. So in total you are never working out for more than five days in a week.

4. When you start doing that easily you can increase the intensity of your exercise to the level where every day you feel slight pain in muscles after exercise. Slight stiffness the next day and back to normal the day after or on the fourth day. You should work twice a week on the same group of muscles (Some people do only once a week but they do very intensive workout). If you keep doing this for four to six weeks you will be addicted to that sensation of pain and the release of hormones and will find it difficult to stop working out.

5. You can not start from step four straight away as most people try to, as when you do that you are 99.99% likely to get mental fatigue, physical fatigue or some kind of injury to your muscles or joints.

So total time required to get addicted to exercise is 4-6 months.
1.5 - 2 months of general fitness (work out time 20-30 mins three times a week)
1 - 2 months of cardio-muscular fitness (work out time 45mins to 60mins five to seven times a week)
1.5 - 2 months of intensive muscle training (quite similar to body building) (work out time from 50 - 90 minutes five to seven times a week)