Thursday, August 28, 1997

Best friend Trouble would really appreciate any advice please?

Ok so this is going to be kind of long but will do my best to cut it down and appreciate the time anyone takes to read it.
Ok firstly my bff and are used to have a great relationship hanging out all the time we told each other everything and were at ease with each other completly. She traveled away to live with a relative in land so I didn't see her for about 6-7months in that time we chatted/emailed heaps made big plans for her return and I couldn't wait until she got back. Also I might add within that time I lost alot of weight and my appearance changed significantly, so much so a relative I hadn't seen since Christmas 09 Didn't even recognize me nor do my past high school friends who I run into occasionally.
Anyway now that she's back it's like her attitude has changed she's not as well... friendly towards me, she pikes on all plans and constantly makes catty remarks and snarly gestures, for example since my weight loss my breasts have shrunk alot and to be honest I am a bit insecure about this but don't let it affect me. She however has massive breasts and at one stage I made a comment that since her return its like her breasts have grown at least 2 cups sizes (Mainly due to her increase in weight on her trip which i have not commented on she still looks great in my opinion plus who am I to judge I was overweight myself) and they look great. She knows how I feel in regards to my breasts shrinking and now everytime I see her she is for ever commenting on her breasts, saying stuff like that hottie just looked at my chest, guys dont care about anything else on a womans body as long as she has a great rack, forgetting to wear a bra and commenting how great her breasts look without one, it's like she's rubbing it in my face and it really annoys me, I'm not the kind of person to make conflict she so I just ignore it, but I know she knows it hurts me because she always smirks when she does it or looks at my breasts then away quickly. I am starting to wonder if she is attempting to put me down to make herself feel better as she does seem a bit insecure herself since her arrival home. Also I am starting to wondering if her lack of interest in hanging out with me is due to the fact that I am not fat anymore (Maybe competition?) and wether she just used to use me to make herself feel better about herself. So what I am asking is is there anyway to salvage our friendship or should I just forget aboput her hang out with other friends and make a new bestie?
Thanks and if anyone else has been in this sort of situation i'd appreciate some info :)

Answer on Best friend Trouble would really appreciate any advice please?

I think it's very disrespectful of her to make comments like that to you. It's so inappropriate! She is probably jealous that you lost weight and feel great. So she tries to target something that you feel insecure about, in this case your chest, so she can feel better about herself. It might make her feel insecure about herself that you are more trim than her.If I were you I would hang out with other people. There isn't really a way for you to make her stop because if she wanted to then she would have a long time ago. As you said, she's aware what she does is hurtful. find other friends who do care about your feelings.

all the best!

answer mine please, its around the same length as yours and nobodys answered it :(;…