Wednesday, August 6, 1997

I'm going on a diet, but I need to know what foods to get lots of?

Okay,so I eat VERY unhealthy,i'll admit it.I eat junk food everyday.That's mostly ALL I eat.Every time I go to get a checkup at the doctor everything is fine,but I felt REALLY bloated last night,and it hurt VERY badly.I decided that I needed to change my diet,because obviously if I continue with this diet i'll have lots of health problems.Well,I have a little problem.My mom gets food stamps,so I can't just keep going back each week,so it's not really that I have little to spend,it's just that I have to know what foods I should get a large quantity of,because I can't go back when I run out,so I want to know,what is a good healthy weight loss food?Please help!

Answer on I'm going on a diet,but I need to know what foods to get lots of?

chicken breast or turkey for meat or soy milk(protein)
any green vegetables or brown rice or wheat bread(carbs)