Monday, August 4, 1997

Do you guys think Selena Gomez sings good?

Ive listened to Selena sing not so impressed. She sounds too...whats the word...little girl-ish to me. Am i the only one that thinks she has a high pitched voice? Do you guys think she could make it pro someday? And im not talking about the fact that shes a Disney Channel star and has a fanbase becouse of her acting. Im talking about her SINGING SKILLS getting her pro? Any ideas?

Answer on Do you guys think Selena Gomez sings good?

Selena's voice is not the BEST voice but she's not THAT bad either. Maybe she'll be known for singing when she grows up but not as much as Mariah Carey is right now. :P

And Miley can sing too, not the best not the worst. And she'll be known too.