Sunday, June 1, 1997

What Are Problems Or Conflicts In Iceland And Italy?

And if you can tell me how they would be solved. Thanks!

Answer on What Are Problems Or Conflicts In Iceland And Italy?

I can answer to your question about Italy.

- A big problem is the difference between the North and the South. Nortern side of the country is more developed, more modern, and richer then the soutern side. We used to say taht the southern side is both a brake and an opportunity to the growth of the country. A break becouse of its undevelopment, which asks for welfare money. An opportunity becouse it's full of human and natural resources for the country.

- Another big problem are criminal organizations. They reside in the southern side mainly. But they have spread their activities all over the country along the last decades. We can say that this is a conflict too, between the State and those organizations. Many officers and judges have been killed in this conflict.

- Another big conflict is in politics. That between the left wing and the right wing. Italy had had the main communist party of the western world until 1991. And there still are many dreamers of a socialist society with a statal economy here. They don't accept a liberal system and a free market economy. This ends in a continuous useless political conflict.

- Another problem is the scientific research. We don't have a good university and research system. Our best scientists emigrate to more modern country like US. This condition damage us very much. For example we cannot produce hightech in many areas.

There are several other problems here. But I guess you have enough for now.

Hope this can help you.