Tuesday, April 29, 1997

Birth control.?

I need a good method of birth control, that doesnt cause major weight gain and hair loss.
I need it mainly for my periods, which are horrible. With cramps
so bad i cry, and cant move. Also, something to help with the bloating and feeling misrable.

I was on depo, but it didnt work for me. I tried the patch, but it didnt help anything. It made me gain weight, and feel sick constantly. Depo, i liked it, until i lost ALOT of hair, and gained 15 pounds.

id like to know what your on, and how its helping you.
Ive heard something about a pill called JAZ or JAZMINE.
but idk. PLEASE HELP ME!!

ALSO. if you pay for it, with cash. Let me know how much it is, because my insurance can be gay and only cover certain kinds.


Answer on Birth control.?

YAZ is the best, it the lowest form of hormones ,plus it helps with alot of other thing you get with ur monthly friend. Check out the website just serch YAZ birthcontrol. good luck.