Sunday, March 16, 1997

Advice please? They are in love?

Right, long story short.

- I live in apartment with 2 other girls & 3 other guys.
- My best friend Emilie & Rocco are best friends. They ARE in love, have been for the past year, but when asked about their feelings, they'll shy away from the question. He'll spend all day cuddling with her on the sofa and they are just so amazing together, he becomes this totally different person with her

- Wednesday night, boys were at a nightclub. Two of them came home and said Rocco was still there, dancing and grinding with another girl.
- Emilie spent four hours sobbing into my lap, the first time she'd opened up to anyone about how she felt towards him. Said how she felt like they'd been going around in circles for the past year, how she loved him and how she needed him. :'(
- All she wanted was for him to be happy. It was heartbreaking, like, here she is, sobbing her heart out and he's in a club with some total tart.
- Rocco comes home and into her room. Asks me if I know why she's upset. I gave him the cold shoulder, like, so furious with him.
- He spent the whole night with her, she slept in his arms. And the following day (Thursday), he spent the whole day cuddling her on the shoulder. He still didn't know why she was upset.

- Then, Thursday night, boys went out to nightclub again. Once again, two come back home without Rocco. We learn he's in the club, dancing with a girl again.
- Emilie is heartbroken, yet again. Well done Rocco.
- I call him up demanding he get back now and he did.
- I took him outside and basically screamed at him, telling him how he acted like he loved her and then goes and dances with these other girls. How he was out having a good time, and she spent the whole night in her room crying about him. Blah blah blah.
- He went into her room, and said he was sorry. She said that she couldn't take him doing this anymore, and he opened up saying how for the past year, he knows their feelings have changed. And that he didn't want to risk their friendship by taking it to the next step, because if it ended badly, then he could lose his best friend.
- They spent the whole night together again, and the rest of us in the house don't know whether they are officially together. I mean, they ought to be, but?

- Do you think he should be trusted? Or should she stay away from him? I mean, acting like you love someone and then dancing with another girl. Even if you aren't in a relationship or not, don't act as though one girl is your everything and then dance with other girls.
I just don't want to see her get hurt. He's done it twice now?

Answer on Advice please? They are in love?

Even if they aren't in a relationship, he's still messing with her feelings and being a horrible friend. I think that he can't be trusted.