Thursday, February 13, 1997

What do you think about dark brown eyes?

Pretty much explains itself. Dark brown like, Selena Gomez's.

Answer on What do you think about dark brown eyes?

perfect you have good taste

How can i lose up to 45-50 pounds by july 1st?

i know there's only about 2 and a half months til july, basically 81 days, but is it possible to lose up to 45-50 pounds? and safely? i tried the south beach diet and lost up to 10 pounds the first two weeks, 20 pounds total by the end of 5 weeks...this was a while back, and if any of you have tried it, the first two weeks of the diet are a if any of you guys can help me out and lead me in the right direction....if theres any weight loss pills or anything or a fast weight loss diet...lemme know plz, that'd be awesome...and working out can be on the top of that list as well, i love to work out, but for some reason i think the things im doing isn't helping me out...

Answer on How can i lose up to 45-50 pounds by july 1st?

i feel that losing 2-3 lbs. each week is a healthy range. if you are overweight, it is easier the first week when you do it, you will lose more weight that week than any other week.
a plan that worked for me was:

find your daily caloric intake(how many calories you should consume depending on your height and weight)

record everything you eat and how many calories it has in it

if you excersize, record how many calories you burned

at the end of the day, subtract the calories that you ate from your daily caloric intake, and add how many you burned to the difference. for ex: if my daily caloric intake was 1800, and i ate 1500, so i burned 300. then say i burned 250 from excersizing. i would add that to the 300, which gives me 550.

that will tell you how many calories your body burned that day.

you should be aiming for burning 500 calories each day.

also drink a lot of water.

you might not lose as much as you want, but if you stick to it, it will keep working.

hope this helps!