Wednesday, January 15, 1997

Hair colour question for summer/back to school?

I am turning 16 soon and I am in the middle of my exams just now, but I am trying to 're-invent' my hair colour for the summer and back-to-school in june. I have a darkish tone of skin (like Rihanna) and I have black shoulder length very curly hair. I don't want to cut it short because I got a short bob last january and it didn't look right (before that it was all the way down to almost elbow length) and I am still trying to grow it out and get a layered haircut. I am thinking of keeping my black hair with blonde underneath like this:……

Also this (but colours reversed)…

So what do you guys think? thanks guys.
PS. I am not trying to be emo or scene. I am just asking about the colour not the cut.

Answer on Hair colour question for summer/back to school?

I think you should do it in layers with blond on top and black underneath <3 Mz.Garcia