Sunday, December 22, 1996

Driving costs in Italy...?

We are renting a Fiat Panda for our vacation travel in Italy. I know that between now and a month from now, when we go, prices can and will change. But I was wanting to get some idea of how fuel is priced for cars? And, if any one has had any experience with the Panda, what advice could you offer? (I know it is tiny, so no reason to state the obvious) Lastly, with the Panda, what sort of fuel economy does it get on the highway and in town and how much can we expect to spend to fill it up? Thanks!

Answer on Driving costs in Italy...?

I live in italy, and im here to tell you that gas costs between 1.05 Euro and 1.20 Euro per LITER. That equates to about six dollars a gallon in us dollars. Even with the military gas coupons that we get, we pay around 4 dollars a gallon. (i live in italy)